BGCA Arts Residency

Check out the BGCA Creates Website Tour To learn more about this amazing resource for Youth Development Professionals & Teaching Artists. The BGCACreates Arts Residency is funded by the Tammis Day Foundation and intended to create professional development opportunities for staff high quality arts learning opportunities for youth. This year's Residency External Arts Orgs/Professionals are: Selena Tornez, Tony "YNOT" Denaro, Karl Michael Iglesias, BraveSoul Movement, & First Wave Hip Hop & Urban Arts Scholarship Program (Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives). Youth Facing Content will be located on BGCA's National Virtual Club and Staff Resources will be located on

This Months Residency Artist: BraveSoul Movement

BraveSoul Movement was born organically in 2016 as the newest iteration of a 15-year synergy between two of Chicago’s veteran street dance artists, Daniel “BRAVEMONK” Haywood and Kelsa “K-Soul” Robinson. Rooted in the movement languages and cultures of Hip-Hop and Chicago House, as well as a range of other movement traditions, BraveSoul Movement combines dancemaking with transformed pedagogy, antiracist activism and community-building practices.

Upcoming Residency Artists

Head to to learn more about the Residency Artists in the "Meet The Artists" Section of the Forum!

Digital Platform Collaboration

This Arts Residency is made possible by a collaboration between BGCACreates & BGCA's National Virtual Club. Both are free to sign up!

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