Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a brand ambassador?

Apply in August 2023

What if I have more questions about the brand ambassador program?

What are the requirements for being a brand ambassador? 

Must be an active Club member 

Must be at 13 years of age 

Must be active on social media 

What do Brand Ambassadors do? 

Brand Ambassadors lend their voice, opinions, Teen perspective and talents to the national initiatives of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, with primary focus being digital activations. Your position with this Brand Ambassador Program will afford you firsthand knowledge of what’s coming, while designing and guiding the direction of what’s offered to teens just like yourself via the MyFuture and BGCA’s National Virtual Club platform.  

Can I put this on my resume? 

Absolutely! Many of the skills you will learn are transferable and can be aligned with different industries. You get real world experience marketing for a brand. 

How often do Brand Ambassadors meet?  

Once a month 

Can I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program if I am not a part of the cohort?

Yes. Head over to MyFuture and check some Brand Ambassador activities 

What are the Perks to being a Brand Ambassador? 

Receive quarterly Merch Boxes and cool tech 

Be a part a community of Teens from across the movement 

Get invited to exclusive opportunities 

Become an expert in BGCA’s digital space 

Mentorship and Career Development